Thursday, August 16, 2012

the only explanation that makes sense...

I have the answer to why you feel like the sober at party when you are in charge of children.

They Are Drunk.   Completely Gone.   Bombed Out Of Their Freaking Minds.

I've spent over a decade in this constant state.   My children appear to be slowly sobering up as time goes by, but it's still like a day at a frat house around here.  

As babies, they started out so blitzed they couldn't even stand up.   Then as toddlers they were all drunk walking - kept falling down, knocking into each other.   As young kids, they are still pretty freaking buzzed.   Sometimes they appear to be totally with it, then they'll fall to pieces for no apparent reason.

Seriously, go to a Chuck-E-Cheese.   Observe.   Then go to a Frat house or local campus bar at midnight on a weekend night.   There are so many social and physical similarities, it's startling.

You think parenting is all lovey-dovey, let's snuggle?   Yea, some of it is.   But picture yourself trying to reason with a drunk 20-year-old girl - all loud, crying, falling down, then blubbering how much she loves you & she ends up puking all over you and passes out.  

If you are totally cool with that, then welcome to parenting aka the permanent sober one at the party.   For the next 20 years.


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