Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trying to be all zen

So I signed up for a yoga class.   Husband's birthday gift to me.   What that really means is "Kate, you are way stressed and need an outlet so you are less bitchy."   Totally true.   

This class was packed - 25 of us with our mats, water bottles, strap-things, rolled up blankets and rubber blocks.   I had no idea what most of the stuff was for, but since it was my 1st time, I trusted the crowd and got whatever they did.   

The instructor told us since it was so crowded to stagger our mats, so one person goes a bit forward the next goes a little back - so we don't slap each other during class - I think this is a good idea.   Seems to me that someone slapping me would not help me get all relaxed and less bitchy.

Lucky me, on my right, the girl stayed in the middle of her mat THE ENTIRE CLASS while I spent it trying to avoid her long arms.  Is it really that hard to move to the top of the mat?

To my left was "I'masuperyogagirlandwillproveitbybreathingcrazyhardformostoftheclass"  Not distracting at all.

In spite of the challenges on either side of me - I successfully got all zen for awhile. 

Yay, me.   :)


  1. Touche. Sound arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit.

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  2. Ha. I don't know how you managed any zen in the midst of all that, but kudos to you!


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