Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Say No

An excerpt from a conversation with one of my sons...

son:  A DARE officer came to class today.

me:  Oh, what did he talk about?

son:  He talked about how bad marina is for you.  

me:  Marina?  What?

son:  Yea, and Mom, why do people smoke tobawga if it's so bad for you?  Mom, can you believe people would take stuff that is horrible for them?!  (He's all indignant in a way that's only possible for those that have never taken drugs.)

me:  (laughing too hard to answer)

son:  Mom?  Mom?  I said the words wrong, didn't I?

me:  (tears are streaming)

son:  Mom, can you tell me the right words now?

me:  (catching my breath, wiping my eyes) Okay, but say them both one more time.

son:  Marina and tobawga

me:  Marijuana and tobacco

son:  (smiling, he's used to this) Thanks.

me:  You are a good sport.   Don't do drugs.


  1. Way to get your message in at the end! :)

  2. You ARE hilarious. I've been in James'room when the DARE officer is there and it's hard for me not to giggle. The last question James asked, was "What launches OCD?" First, what kid uses the word "launch?" A freaky smart kid, that's who, and I was thinking, man this is DARE, not psychology 101!! I think it's very confusing for the innocent babes.


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