Monday, February 11, 2013

ridiculous stuff I say

You need to pause that story and go pee.  No, really, stop talking and go pee.

Did you wash your hands? ...   With soap?   

(on the playground) My kid doesn't have a shirt on?   I'm grateful he still has his pants on.   

Put your arrows away.

We are at school, boys!  Stop talking and get out of the van.  J, stop talking.  J, pause.   Thank you...I love you, have a good day!

Don't. Make. Me. Yell.   Just do what I say the first 5 times!

Can you only hear me when I yell?

Turn off the hose!

Dude, you'd better clean that up before your dad gets home.   He's gonna freak.

Who is banging what?

Put your swords away.

How about we start over?   I will stop yelling if you stop being difficult.  Deal?

You are so lucky it's not 1975.   Your butt would be crazy-sore.

Why do you disobey when I turn away? (wow, I rhymed. *giggle*)

2 - you can bring 2 sticks home.   Put the huge branch down.  

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  1. But the huge branch would only count as a single stick. They still have one more to grab!

    Steve C.


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